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Diabetes: Diagnosis, monitoring, and management

Diabetes is a condition that causes too much glucose (sugar) to be present in the blood, due to an inability or decreased ability of the body to produce a hormone called insulin.

Glucose is the main source of energy for the body and comes from carbohydrates in foods we eat. The body breaks carbohydrates down to glucose which then enters the blood stream.

Insulin is essential for converting this glucose into energy. When sufficient insulin is not produced, the glucose stays in the blood instead, and this causes high blood glucose levels in people with diabetes.

Diagnosis of diabetes

Many cases of diabetes are diagnosed while being tested or treated for other conditions, so Albany Clinic offers opportunistic testing for diabetes when you see us for other things. The easiest test is a simple finger-prick to test your sugar levels, and further tests can be carried out if needed.

Diabetes monitoring

Blood glucose monitoring is recommended for all people with diabetes. It is a valuable tool for helping you to manage your diabetes and can help give you a sense of control and freedom for making your own diet and lifestyle choices.

The frequency and timing of your blood glucose monitoring, and the recommended blood glucose ranges, will be specific to each individual and should be determined by your GP.

Diabetes management

Managing diabetes effectively can involve a number of strategies such as exercise, healthy eating, oral medication, and in some cases insulin injections. Your GP can work closely with you to develop and maintain a plan and lifestyle that best works for you.

You can make a booking to discuss diabetes testing, monitoring, or management with one of our GPs by calling Albany Clinic today on (07) 3264 2622.

To learn more about diabetes, please visit the website of Diabetes Australia.