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Fertility advice and treatment

If you’re planning your pregnancy, please phone us on (07) 3264 2622 to book an appointment with one of our doctors or visit our pregnancy advice page for more information about pregnancy advice, pregnancy planning, or check-ups.

If it hasn’t happened for you yet…

If you’re having difficulty conceiving (falling pregnant), then please come in and talk to one of our GPs to get some advice and talk about what options exist for fertility testing.

How long should it take?

To give you some perspective about how long it can take to get pregnant, keep in mind that only about 50% of couples fall pregnant within the first 6 months of trying, and that figure rises to around 90% within 12 months. So in many cases it just takes a while, but if it hasn’t happened yet and you are concerned we are only too happy to discuss with you best practices for falling pregnant, and options for fertility testing and treatment.