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Flu Vaccinations

Flu Vaccinations are preventative vaccinations that can be administered yearly to reduce the risk of contracting influenza.

Flu Vaccination Overview

  • The vaccination protects against multiple strains of influenza (3 strains in 2013).
  • The vaccine formula changes yearly to target the strains that are deemed the biggest threat (they are designed to protect you from the most common and/or dangerous forms of influenza active each year).
  • Vaccination is needed each year to remain effective because of the different strains of flu that are prevalent each year, and because immunity decreases over time.
  • There is no live virus in the flu shot.

Flu Vaccinations FAQ

Answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about immunisations in general can be found here.

Answers to FAQ about Flu Vaccinations specifically can be found here.

Flu Vaccinations at Albany Clinic (North Brisbane)

Flu vaccinations are available year-round, and we also run dedicated flu vaccination clinics early in the year (generally during March and April) so that people are protected before the “flu season” arrives in the winter months. Please phone (07) 3264 2622 for available times and to make an appointment.


Flu vaccinations are free (government funded) for people aged 65+, pregnant women, and for people with certain at-risk medical conditions. For everyone else the vaccination costs around $20.


Please phone us today on (07) 3264 2622 to book an appointment.