Antenatal Consultations

Everything you need to in one easy location.

Antenatal Consultations


While this is a very exciting time in your life you may have extra questions or concerns. ​

We are here to help with these.

During you visits with us during your pregnancy we will discuss just a few of the below:

  • Baseline health
  • Pregnancy scans
  • Medications
  • Supplements
  • Diet and Weight
  • Congenital Disease Screening
  • Mental Health
  • Bleeding in Pregnancy
  • Shared Care

“We look forward to joining you on this wonderful journey then being able to meet the new addition to your family”


It is recommended that from confirmation of Pregnancy that you have visits every 4 weeks up until 28 weeks where you should have fortnightly visits until 36 weeks and then weekly visits until delivery.  At    weeks we will refer you through to the local Antenatal Clinic at Qld Health for an initial consultation.  We are happy to continue to provide shared care throughout your pregnancy to allow you the comfort of seeing your regular GP during this journey.