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Pregnancy Advice and Management

Your GP is the best first-stop for any information related to:

  • Falling pregnant
  • The many decisions that need to be made during pregnancy and leading up to the birth of your child.
  • Pregnancy check-ups
  • Post-natal check-ups after the birth

In addition to advising you about specific health concerns during pregnancy, our doctors can point you towards the resources you need to stay informed about the health of you and your baby. For example books and other materials to read, referrals to specialists (including the obstetrician who will deliver your baby), and more.

Pre-conception counselling

There are a range of recommendations to be aware of before you start trying for a baby (such as tests, vitamins, and immunisations). Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your personal situation.

Pregnancy tests

Pregnancy test kits are available at any chemist. These work by detecting the amount of pregnancy hormone in your urine. They are now very reliable and do not need confirmation with a blood test.

If your pregnancy test returns a positive result, please make a booking with your doctor to begin your pregnancy planning and management.

Pregnancy checkups

During your pregnancy you will need regular medical reviews to check up on both you and your baby. Depending on whether you have private helth insurance or not, these check-ups may be done by your GP, a midwife or doctor at a public hospital, or a private obstetrician.

At Albany Clinic we provide antenatal shared care with the public hospitals, which means you can choose to have most of your visits with an Albany Clinic GP, with occasional visits at the hospital.

After your pregnancy

A postnatal check-up is recommended at 6-8 weeks after the birth of your baby, however you may need to come in before that if recommended by your obstetrician, or if you have any particular concerns. This check-up will be performed by your private obstetrician if you have private health insurance.

At this check-up we discuss breastfeeding, contraception, post-natal depression, and anything else that needs addressing based on your individual circumstances.

Book an appointment

Phone (07) 3264 2622 to book an appointment with one of our doctors for any pregnancy advice, pregnancy planning, or check-ups. Feel free to learn more about our doctors here before calling.