Consultation Fees

Consultation Fees

Current Fee Structure

 FeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket
Level A$52.00$17.50$34.50
Level B$80.00$38.20$41.80
Level C$125.00$73.95$51.05
Level D$205.00$108.85$96.15

All consultations provided on a Saturday are Privately Billed as per above fees.

If any further tests are required during your consultation with the Doctor there may also be further fees incurred.  Please feel free to enquire as to the cost of the fees prior to the tests being performed.  You may also be eligible for a Medicare rebate against some of the tests.

Boostrix Vaccine $45.00 (available on the day of your visit with the GP)

Parking & Surgery Access

Albany Clinic has a dedicated parking facility to the side of the building.  We do have access for those who require Wheelchair Access.  If you have any other special needs please don’t hesitate to speak with one of our friendly staff.

Communication Policy

GP’s and Clinical staff will endeavour to return telephone & electronic communications during a break.  If possible we ask that you provide as much information to staff as possible to enable GP’s and Clinical staff to triage the return calls.

Management of Health Information

This practice maintains a password protected electronic database of patient health records.  Results from pathology and radiology are transmitted to the Practice via a secure electronic messaging and integrated into patient health records.  Only health professionals (GP/Nurses) at the Practice have access to health records.  Personal demographic and health information about patients will only be provided to other practices and health professionals upon written request which includes patient authority. 

Results and Recalls

All results are viewed by Clinical Staff.  We operate a recall and reminder system.  Any tests ordered by the Practice require a follow-up appointment to discuss the results and plan further treatment.  Occasionally, results will be given to the patient by their treating doctor over the phone.  This will be determined by the doctor upon reviewing the results.  Should it be determined that the patient is needing to be recalled then 3 attempts at phone contact via a call or SMS will be made and if there is still no response then a letter will be sent to the last provided physical address that we have on our system. 

Our clinic participates in the National State Territory Reminder System.  Please advise staff if you do not wish to be on this system.

Feedback and Complaints

Albany Clinic is serious about the quality of the service which we provide and continuing improvement.  Feedback from patients is welcome in any form.  This can be verbal, over the phone or in writing. 

Patients providing feedback will be contacted by phone or in writing to confirm receipt of their feedback or complaint.

Here at Albany Clinic we believe all feedback is positive feedback as it allows us the opportunity to grow and improve. All feedback and complaints are discussed within the management team and if further action is required this is done and progress reports will always be provided.  If you still feel that your complaint was not dealt with appropriately by this practice you are entitled to contact the:


400 George Street
Tel: 13 36 46

Our appointment times at Albany Clinic are a standard 15 minute appointments.  If you have a number of concerns to discuss please ask for a longer consultation.  Walk in appointments will be offered if there is an available spot.