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Need A Refresh?

None of us are immune to the unwanted lines, sun-damage, and other signs of ageing that appear on our skin as each year passes. At Refresh, we help people of all ages refresh the appearance of their face, using the less invasive, more affordable, and well-proven techniques of muscle relaxation and localised filler additions.

The feedback from our clients tells us that they are loving the vitality and confidence that a refreshed, more youthful face has given them.

refresh at albany clinic

Subtle. Professional. Affordable.


At Refresh our approach to treatment tends strongly towards understatement. We strive for a natural look as our top priority, and believe in gradually enhancing your features. In other words we start with minimal treatments and allow you to decide on further enhancements once you become more aware of your own preferences.


My name is Dr. Andrew Murray (the principal medical practitioner at Albany Clinic for some 20 years) 


Our fees are very affordable in comparison with the prices that “big city” businesses have to charge to cover their glitzy waiting rooms and inner-city locations. At refresh we provide a relaxed atmosphere, in a convenient location, and you get the professional finish without the price tag.

And you don’t have to worry about us trying to sell you everything in our cabinet! As I’ve said above, we will encourage you to take a conservative approach during initial treatments. You can always consider further refreshing once you get a feel for what’s working for you.


Refresh Cosmetic Treatments

Whether you want softer lines, plumper lips, or fuller cheeks, we have a minimally invasive option to help you to look and feel refreshed.


Please phone our clinic on 3264 2622 and request a Refresh consultation with Dr Murray.

He is the best person to talk you through your treatments in detail and answer your questions.

Please phone our nurse Susie directly on 0433 888355.

She’s also the best person to talk you through our treatments in detail and answer your questions.

refresh at albany clinic
refresh at albany clinic