Children’s Health & Immunisations

Children’s Health & Immunisations
When booking an appointment for any of your childhood immunisations it is important that you advise Reception what the appointment is for.

Here at Albany Clinic we place importance on being able to provide exceptional services to all our patients and feel that during your visit for your child’s vaccinations that you feel you have had all aspects of the visit explained to you and you are comfortable with the care we are providing.  When booking for any childhood immunisations you will firstly be booked with one of our Amazing Nurses who will firstly have a chat with you and take some measurement.  Your child’s height, weight and head circumference will all be documented in their patient record and also in your Childs Health Record (please ensure this is presented for each visit) 

After your initial visit with the Nurse you will then go through for a general Health Check with your GP.  During this time your GP may ask a few extra questions and ask if you have any concerns.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have during any of these visits.  After your check with the GP you will then be taken back to our Nurses who will administer the required vaccinations.

Some common side affects you may notice after the vaccinations are:

Queensland Health’s Schedule recommends vaccinations at:  2, 4, 6, 12, 18 Months and 4 years.

If you have any concerns after your child’s vaccinations you are more than welcome to ring the surgery and speak with one of the nurses who provide you with further advise.

Further information available at:

“4 Year Health Assessment.  This is a great exciting and fun filled visit for your Child to have with our Nurses.”

During this visit it allows us to perform a thorough health check on your child.  It is such an important age for a growing child and at this time it allows us to perform some extra tests such as:

A great link for further information and a great read is: